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About ICS and our network

November 2020 Free

Presenting ICS and its network of national member associations – watch the 2-minute film.

Up to 90% of trade is moved by sea, and ICS represents 80% of this commercial and merchant shipping fleet.

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The broad range of views expressed by our members ensure we deliver the best solutions for the challenges our industry is facing. We are committed to enabling the right regulation and the right environmental and business conditions to allow shipping to thrive – whether that means liaising with governments, working with international regulators and industry leaders to shape the future of shipping.

We develop and provide best practice and guidance on a range of technical, environmental, safety and employment issues – even when the world is sailing through stormy seas we are out in front, acting quickly and helping our members navigate both unforeseen changes and emerging regulatory initiatives.

We support shipowners to manage their ships safely, efficiently and in compliance with regulation. Whether it’s guidance on greenhouse gas emissions or labour laws, ICS provides leadership and direction, supports education and promotes good governance.

Shipping is lifting economies and people out of poverty, paving the way towards a zero-carbon future and keeping world trade turning.

ICS provides a platform for the leaders of the global shipping industry; this depth of knowledge and real world experience creates the vision and voice for the shipping industry. Find out how shipping is changing, becoming an even more sustainable and equitable industry, by contacting any of the ICS global network member associations – and help shape the future of shipping.